Antenatal Live, ONLINE Q&A – 23rd April 2020 12.30pm-1.30pm




Covid-19 has brought uncertainty, fear and isolation globally. Pregnant women are no exception and have many questions surrounding their pregnancy, birth and transition into parenthood.

Devon Antenatal & First Aid CIC are pleased to offer the opportunity to invite you to a free question and answer live, online session where you can ask and discuss anything surrounding you, your birth and your new baby. Questions may include:

Are you considering a home birth?

What can I expect during labour?

What happens during a caesarean birth?

What pain relief options are available to me at my chosen birth place?

What is hypnobirthing and what other self-help skills can I do?

What can my birth partner do to support me?

How do I keep our baby safe when he/she is sleeping?