Family Out’n’About First Aid Pouch


Out’n’About First Aid Pouch is an ideal size to put in your bag with all your other essentials.

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This handy-sized Out’n’About First Aid Pouch fits perfectly into your bag along with your other parenting essentials.

This kit contains:
1 x First Aid guidance leaflet
1 x HypaCover first aid dressing 18×18
2 x HypaCleans eyewash pods (20ml)
1 x HypaGuard face shield
1 x HypaBand triangular bandage
4 x HypaClean moist wipes
1 x HypaTouch nitrile gloves (pair)
12 x HypaBand safety pins
1 x Clothing cutters
20 x HypaPlast washproof plasters