6 Week Antenatal Course  – This is our most comprehensive birth and parenting preparation course. We explore what to expect during labour, birth and during the postnatal period. Hypnobirthing, labour positions and massage are also incorporated. There is also a reunion after the births and 6 weeks unlimited postnatal support.

Discover Antenatal  – A 3-hour taster of the 6-week antenatal course. Perfect for those who are either undecided if they want to commit to a full course or for those with time constraints. The cost of this session is refunded when you book onto the full course.

Waterbirth Workshop – The ultimate preparation for those considering using water during labour and birth. The pros and cons, what to expect, what you need and how to optimise your birth experience is explored during this 2.5-hour workshop.

Early and Mid-Pregnancy Workshop – Many women have lots of questions after they discover they are expecting. This workshop highlights what to expect at each stage of your pregnancy, the care you can expect to receive and how to stay healthy and relaxed.

1-1 Antenatal Course – For those who choose not to be involved in a group course, a 1-1 is the perfect answer. In the comfort of your own home or at the Devon Antenatal & First Aid Hub you can enjoy a 2.5-hour session covering everything that is relevant to you.

All the courses are run by an experienced, qualified antenatal teacher.

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